Poverty in the UK | UK faces child poverty crisis

Welfare savings in 2010 No money returned after fixed costs. Children have no beds and sleep on sofas. 1 in 5 are looking for help is at work Ten pounds a week for food. 1% of small families seeking help in England, 25% of children in Scotland are growing up in poverty.

Inflation is rising and rising and rising the British Government believes that poverty has fallen families do not feel they are doing well enough when they cannot provide their family

Single mom working full-time for instance a teacher doesn't get enough money to provide two kids. The number of cents referred to has increased by 500% of five years.

Around four million children are currently living in poverty in the UK today. Currently, one in seven councils has closed their emergency funds that help people when a crisis hits, putting families and vulnerable young people at risk. Poverty affects a child's mental health, their happiness, and their chances in life.

A child is said to be living in poverty when they are living in a family with an income below 60% of the UK's average after adjusting for family size.

Nothing is surprising about the latest figures showing that people in deprived areas are dying of coronavirus at double the rate of affluent areas.

Many poor families have also lost their only source of income because so many jobs have been closed and people are not coming to work because of the coronavirus.

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