Killing Child at Zoo | Analyse | Bret Easton Ellis | 12 i Karakter

The text “Killing Child at Zoo” written by the author Bret Easton Ellis, begins with the main character, Patrick Bateman who describes his restless thoughts.

He eats lunch and remembers a woman named Jeanette asking him why he keeps razor blades in his wallet.

Is Patrick Bateman a psychopath or is he just a product of the American community?

We follow Patrick Bateman the main character, through his meaningless and monotonous everyday life, full of racing thoughts. We get an insight into what matters to him

as expensive clothes , status, living the best life, own the most expensive places, women, and so on. This I what the American dream is. The dream everybody trying to live up to. But what does that do to people?

Well, Patrick is a product out of it. He only cares about people’s appearance and judging them only on the base of their looking , without knowing their personalities.

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