The killing of George Floyd | Sppech | 10 i karakter

Hello and welcome
I will start out my speech, by thanking you all for coming out this evening.

My name is Isabella Pedersen, and as many of you may know this year a man by the name of George Floyd was killed by an officer, Derek Chauvin. As a matter of fact, that is what I’m going to be discussing with you all tonight.

But in reality, that doesn’t really matter. You may be thinking “how could you say that” but hear me out.

Due to the fact that the officers who were seeing and not doing anything, to help George is flabbergasting. Think about it, there are officers who believe that what Chauvin was doing, was the right thing to do in that scenario.

We are living in a country. Let me rephrase that we are living in a FREE country, where the people who we are supposed to trust, the police are using their power from there batch to spread a negative environment.

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