Analytical Essay “Society’s child” by Janis Ian

The text ‘society’s child’ is about the 1967 hit by Janis Ian. This part of text the focuses on one instance when Janis were only fifteen years old. She was performing Society’s Child, which storyline revolves around an interracial relationship between two young teenagers, and how people either cannot or will not accept it. The song makes a part of the audience behave very aggressively, shouting and throwing their fists in the air.

This makes the fifteen-year-old Janis both uncomfortable and scared. At one point she cannot focus on the song and needs to go backstage to get herself together. Scared and frustrated she debates with the promoter whether she should go back on stage. After some speculation she goes back and starts the song from top. The small segment of the audience which earlier on had been disruptive carried on, and this made the other members from the audience react, telling them to stop it or leave the concert hall. It all quieted down, and Janis were able to finish the song in peace.

People getting violated for supporting people of color were not unusual back then, especially in the southern states. People were treated differently based on their appearance and were not giving a fair chance to prove their worth. This is the harsh reality which is displayed in the 2009 autobiography ‘Society’s child’ by Janis Ian.

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