‘Child labor’ | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

” Child labor. The inconvenient truth behind India’s growth story” is the name of the article published in The Washington Post on August 17.

The article is written by Josh Jacobs and Reeva Misra and it is generally about child labor in bigger cities like New Delhi and Mumbai in India.

The article is also about India’s growth economically where child labor is a relatively big part of it. This essay is focused on forms of appeal and argumentative features.

At last, there will be a conclusion, focusing on how well the speakers sends out the message in this article.

It is also here where the ethos appeal is expressed. When using ethos, the sender speaks to the readers moral and conscience. Here it is important to have the correct ethical posture against the reader.

In this article they are writing about the child labor in India and there is a lot of it, which is very bad. But unfortunately, it is very good for the GDP growth in India. But this whole article can speak to the readers feelings, which is called the pathos appeal.

The senders want when writing about child labor, sympathy for the children. In the quote “There is vast literature showing that child labor impedes development” they tell the readers that it impedes the children’s development, and then they can think of the end of that themselves which will not be good with no development.

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