Poverty in the UK
First and foremost, good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen. My name is Asbjørn Hansen, and it is an absolute honor to attend this year’s Oxford Schools Regional Debate Competition.

Today, I am going to inform you all about the increasing poverty in the UK, and later I will discuss the different attitudes to poverty and the possible consequences of the current austerity policies.

To clarify, I do think that the poverty situation, as well as the social mobility crisis in the UK, is very bad, and multiple reports claim the same point, such as the UN report that claimed austerity had increased poverty in the UK.

Another disturbing fact that supports the poverty situation in the UK is increasing is that 1,5 million people in the UK experienced destitution in 2017, according to the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

To those who are unsure or do not know about what destitution means, it is a term meaning the 1,5 million people had 10£ or less a day after housing costs.