The Uber and taxi conflict | Essay | 10 i karakter

In big cities, one of the most used modes of transportation is taxis. The classic New York Cab, the London Hackney Carriage, or even the old-school horse carriage are all great examples of wagons for hire.

In recent years, these traditional taxis have slowly been pushed out of the mainstream, as the “gig economy” has risen.

Companies such as Uber have become prevalent, while the old industry has been forced to its knees.

Uber has grown tremendously. Uber was founded in 2009, in San Francisco. If we take a look at Uber Today, the company is a total of 60 billion dollars’ worth.

Today, it is possible to use Uber in 440 cities, spread in a big area over 6 continents. The price is affected by which car the driver uses to drive you to your destination, and of course the condition of the car.

If the driver drives in a new Audi, the price can be raised a bit, as it is more attractive to sit in a brand-new Audi than every other ordinary older car.

Prices can also increase based on what time and day you would like to get a ride. For example, New Year's Eve, and Saturday’s charges more than a common Monday.

The driver gets a big percent of the client’s payment, while Uber charges a fee for the use of their app. Everything works through their app, from booking a taxi to getting paid.

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