You are probably familiar with the company Uber or have heard about it in the news. Uber is the first high-tech company that provides a certain service you may already know and have driven with before.

Taxis… Uber, are in many ways the new taxi, and you can only understand why, when looking closer at the invention. If you only think Uber can get you a ride in a car, you are wrong.

The people have spoken and some of the things were nicer than the other words. Uber is now available in more than 440 cities across six continents.

Uber is the fastest growing newly started company in the world. When CEO Travis Kalanick, first launched his soon to be multimillion-dollar business, it was called “Uber cap”. It caused various trouble, mainly because of the word cap.

Uber was fast to change the name and avoided further bad incidents. There has been a huge and noticeable decrease in taxi pickups. The estimated number is 3.83 million.

But if we turn and look at Uber, there has been an increase at 3.82 million pickups in the same period. Taxi drivers have gone out on the streets

furious about their work is taking away from them. Bhairavi Desai, who is President of “National Taxi Workers Alliance”, is working hard for better rights in the taxi industry.