Guns in the US – debate night at campus

Welcome fellow student at California State University. My name is Signe Paradiis Veje. I am 18 years old and I am a student of Social Studies at the California State University. We are gathered here today to talk and debate about one of our country’s biggest problems, which is the right to carry a legal firearm.

Caring and owning weapons is something I think a lot of people connects with America and its citizens. In America there is 393 million civil-owned guns, which analogous to 1,2 guns for every citizen in America.

The problem starts with people who are not using their guns to protect themselves, but instead using them as a killing machine. Thousands of civilians are shot and killed every year in America, some of them survive and others aren’t too lucky.

The government delays laws that are supposed to keep down the gun violence. People are praying for the victims, but at the end of the day noting changes. What is the reason that no one steps in and takes action, responsibility and control of the situation?

Some states in our country have luckily taken some responsibility and made the effort to try and minimize the death caused by legal and illegal firearm. 8 states have now banned assault weapons.6 I see this as a good start to resolving the massive problem we have in our country.

I know it is not an option to stamp out all firearm in America or make them illegal, because it is a big part of our society’s culture and economy.

Selling and owning guns is a big economy industry in our country. besides this, there’s also a lot of jobs that are depending on the big sale of guns. In 2018 the total economic impact from sales of firearms and ammunition was an astonishing 52,1 billion dollars. Besides that, there were 311.991 job positions in this industry.

The massive impact the firearm industry has had on the US economy, makes it very hard to abolish the dangerous killing machines.

Another reason to why Donald Trump is not handling this huge problem faster, is because of the big supplement The National Rifle Association (NRA) are giving him to provide any gun control.

In 2017 the NRA spent 5 million dollars to influence the gun policy in the US.9 Besides that, they also spent millions of dollars on other things to provide gun control, such as supporting the election campaigns of political candidates who oppose gun controls.

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