As the editor of the student magazine, Campus News, at California State University you have decided to start a debate on the issue of gun control in the US.

You write an opinion article in which you account for President Obama’s gun control proposals and discuss supporting and opposing views on the proposals.

You may find additional views from e.g. the NRA, Michael Bloomberg, the Vice-President (Joe Biden), celebrities, etc. to support, illustrate and/or update your points. Document external sources. External sources must be in English.

Write the article in English. Word count: 800-1200 words

- "Obama unveils sweeping new gun control proposals" (03:23) January 16, 2013
- "How will Newtown shootings change the US gun debate?" (02:08) December 15, 2012
- "National Rifle Association: Obama's gun control reforms abuse rights" (01:00) January 23, 2013
- "Protection for Obama's Kids: Gun-Free Zones For Ours?" (0:35) January 16, 2013
- "US gun debate: Could Obama's guns plan work?" January 16, 2013

Gun control in the Us - Time for a change?

There have been several deaths in the past years due to the gun culture in the US.

Many of the innocent people who have suffered from the gunshots are children, whose lives ended on their school.

The trouble in America has now been leading to big discontent among the societies. Barack Obama has now reacted to this, trough different proposals.

Gun control in the Us - Time for a change?
Ethical correct system.
Culture assets
When will it stop?
A real American
Who is it for?

Something many people from around the world would find weird is if they could buy a gun and some bullets together with their morning bread down at the supermarket.

However, this happens to be normal in the US, where the proper grocery list has some wrong items written on. This is probably the reason why there are estimated to be around 357.000.000 guns in America.

To whom do these guns belong? They belong to civilian people where there is a risk of being a psychopath among.

The dangerous people among the civilians are the reason why America has a homicide rate of 3,9 murders.