It comes at a high price to live in the most beautiful state in the United States. What does the state of California have to offer? I believe California is the most amazing city in the world, the city of angels.

Immigrating to the US after my education is one of my goals. I felt an instant connection with the Californian lifestyle, everything from the palm trees to the extroverted people.

My first time in Los Angeles was with my father, as a boy's trip, where he showed me the American way of living.

We rented a red convertible Mustang and cruised around in the southern part of California.

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One of the biggest cities in California is San Francisco, it is mainly known for the Golden Gate Bridge and the prison of Alcatraz. It attracts thousands of tourists each year.

It is home to the most innovative hubs, like Silicon Valley, where many popular software and internet firms call home. It is the largest centre of technical innovation. That is why many tech billionaires like Bill Gates and Jeff Bazos live in California.

While California is home to many billionaires, the state is also home to more than 150.000 homeless people that live in tents under various bridges across the city of California.

The state has treated the issue of the homeless very poorly and as a result the number of homeless people keeps rising every year.

Not to mention that the state is also home to many big names including dozens of famous actors and musicians like Leonardo Dicaprio, Elton John, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Gwen Staffani just to mention a few.