During the 1950’s there was a clear division between black and white people in many parts of the world.

„Growing Up“, written by Anthony Hills, is a short story about a man recalling his time growing up as a black kid in Balgalal State School, where he had a white friend.

The story takes a big turn and the boys’ relationship changes due to one event: when the narrator is invited on a weekend trip with Evan and his family.

His mother is trying to prevent it, because of her fear of her son getting hurt and looked down on, but later decides to let her son go and supports him by buying him new clothes, so that he doesn’t feel much different and embarrassed in front of Evan’s family.

He’s looking forward to the trip and gets devastated once he’s told that he’s not able to come, since Evan’s sister is bringing her friend and she doesn’t want that her friend sees that Evan is friends with a black guy.