‘The Sin Bin or Lucy’s Heart’ | Analytical essay

Lucy’s is a teenage girl, she is intelligent, but she lacks the knowledge about life to make the right decisions about herself.

She is a teenager, and, in that age, it can be hard to do the right thing. In this age people also tell you to rebel and test your limits, Lucy’s seeks influence from outside of what she knows.

This ends up interfering with her education and her personality. However, at this point in Lucy’s life social acceptance from people her age is so important, this is why she is willing to hang out with people like Bethan.

The main character Lucy is a good student and a sweet girl who does the right thing, and her teachers like her.

Or she used to be, already from the beginning we get the impression that Lucy has changed. It starts with the teacher who asks her why she is in detention like she should not be there.

“What on earth are you doing in here, Lucy?” He glances at Simon Parle “What on earth are you doing with the likes of Simon Parle? What did you do? Hm?” (p. 34, l.16-18).

Lucy clearly feels bad about being bad, but I think she just really wants to continue being friends with Bethan and if she won’t do what she tells her to, she probably won’t be friends with her anymore.

It is clear trough the text that Lucy looks up to Bethan. Just not for the right reasons. She keeps mentioning how cool she is, and how everyone is afraid of her, and she acts all grown-up.

Despite this Lucy also says, “Sometimes when I think about Bethan, I get this burning pressing in my head and my tommy. Sometimes I’m glad when my mum says I can’t go round and see her” (p. 33, ll.13-15).

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