Experiencing growing up, pressure, friend groups, bullying and finding your identity, are all stages, teenagers pass by. Growing up is a part of the theme in the short story: “The Sin Bin or Lucy’s Heart” by Lucy Cross, 2000.

The story revolves around a young girl called Lucy, who is struggling to find her own identity or real friends, while figuring ways to handle her own mother.

By the short story, we are introduced to four people. The main character, Lucy, is a confused teenager. Lucy is a smart grade A student, who is trying to find her own identity. As a result, Lucy often gets into trouble. People around Lucy are starting to notice her strange behavior, even her teachers.

Lucy starts smoking and wearing make-up, even though her mother does not agree with her decisions. Recently, Lucy and Bethan became best friends, and this brought problems upon Lucy.

Bethan has a bad influence on Lucy. Lucy, being the smart girl that she is known to be, already knows it.

However, she is too afraid of Bethan to go against her. This indicates that Lucy has a weak mind and Bethan has a conspicuous personality. Lucy gets affected easily. Often it is those with the weaker personality, who get affected like that.

Bethan makes Lucy do things against her will. She even makes Lucy hit her previous best friend Penny Jones. This resulted in Lucy's first detention.

Lucy ́s mother is caring, but also very overprotective. Lucy ́s mother is also very affected by Lucy ́s new behavior. The episode with Penny even made her mother cry. Lucy and Penny actually used to be close friends before Bethan came and Lucy still cares about Penny.

Penny is a very thin girl and when Lucy hit her, she was afraid that she would might just fell over. After Lucy had hit Penny, she was left with a bad feeling. Lucy suddenly remembered the night when Penny told her about how her father used to hit her mother.