The Aboriginal people from Australia are known all over the world, they are the native people from Australia they have lived there for 50.000 years.

In 1788 when British settlers began colonizing Australia there were 750.000 Inhabitants, the British people did not even want to live in Australia, they used it as big prison, where England could send their convicts over.

In 1901 Australia became independent, but that did not mean the aboriginal Inhabits were treated any better, they were still discriminated against and treated unfairly.

The language of “Hheart is where the home is”, combines standard English with aboriginal English. It makes the story a bit harder to read because some of the words do not make sense, or missing letters. (P. ll 99-101) “the govermin said for them all to come long train.

Big surprise eh, and they all gone thinking tobacco, tucker, blankets”. In aboriginal English they use words as tucker instead of food, tucker has no relation to the word food, so you need to read the story closely, to get the full understanding.

The combination of Standard English and aboriginal English gives the story character and authenticity.