The problems in a bilingual home | Analyse | Engelsk

The Azorean-born man, who has lived the majority of his life in Toronto, Emanuel Melo, is the writer who has written the short story “The weekly visit”.

According to himself his writing is an attempt to understand and come to terms with both the loss and the gain of what it means to be someone who has been touched by diaspora.

The short story has a third-person point of view narrator. “As chaves! are the first words of greeting that come out of him, the keys!” The third-person narrator is limited to Jake’s point of view and therefore only knows what’s going on inside his heart and mind.

Furthermore, Jake (real name Joaquim) is the main character and the protagonist in this short story and in the story, you get the feeling that he has a tiring job that takes up a lot of his energy.

“He gets off several stops away purposefully. The long walk to her house gives him time to decompress after a long day at work and…”

As mentioned previously Jake is getting sick and tired of taking the bus every Tuesday to see his disabled mom, which he thinks is emotionally draining.

“He did love her before and maybe he still does but he’s so tired that he no longer feels it.” He doesn’t understand how it came to this point as well as why he doesn’t feel anything towards his mom.

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