Going Home | Analyse | Archie Weller | 10 i Karakter

1. Summary (125 words)
2. Analytical essay (500-800 words)

” Going Home” is a short story written by Archie Weller and it is published in 1986. The story tells about a young man’s life named Billy Woodward.

Billy has aboriginal roots, and he grew up in an aboriginal camp with his family before he left for college 5 years earlier.

At college, Billy succeeded to blend in with the white society and became a successful athlete and painter.


The racial conflict between colored and white people is huge - and in the earlier days it has been an even bigger problem.

The short story “Going Home” is written by Archie Weller and he tells a story where the main theme is the racial conflict between the white and the aboriginals in Australia.

The story is told by a third person narrator and follows a young man with aboriginal roots who has attempted to blend in with white people in college until he five years later returns to the aboriginal camp where he grew up.

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