We got assigned to read the text “always home”. The text is about third culture kids. It talks about what it is like to be a TCK, how the number of TCK in the world has changed in the past and also how and why the opinion about TCK’s have changed.

In my analysis I am going to talk about the facts of the text, but also about my opinions regarding the subject. I would say the theme of the text is globalization. I will get more into that in the end of my assignment.

While you might say that it is never a good thing to take kids away from their home, their friends and their normal culture, the text might prove otherwise. In the text we hear (line 44+45)

“Most TCK’s have first-hand knowledge of everything from world geography and cuisine to high culture and international politics”.

This is just one out of several things that the text concludes might be a benefit from being a third culture kid. We also hear about the fact that they are more comfortable with adults and that 90% of all third culture kids earn at least a bachelor’s degree.