Will English always be the Global language | Noter i engelsk

1. What reasons does David Crystal give for why English has become a global language?

2. What other languages could take over the role as a global language – and what would it take?

3. What does it take for English to continue as a global language?

4. What kind of English will it be in the future?

5. How does the dominance of the American variation of English show in British English?

6. Why is American English different from British English in the first place?

7. How many varieties of English does David Crystal mention?

8. What examples does David Crystal give of the regional varieties of English (words, pronunciation or grammar)?

English became a global language because of the power the British empire held and later on the power of American Imperialism.

In the 17th century: The power of Industrial Revolution, which meant that the language of science and technology became English

In the 19th century: The power of money. The two most productive nations in the world were Britain and America which both uses English. Therefore, the language of international banking became the pound and the dollar.

In the 20th century: The cultural power. Here he means that everything cultural that you encounter has a history in the English language such as pop songs

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