English the language of the world | Essay

English is a widely known and spoken language that certainly has become a global language. You can define a global language as language that has achieved a status by countries in the world and given it a special place within their communities.

English is the most widely taught language as a foreign language, and for many people it is their second language, because it is seen as a complement to a person’s mother tongue.

But the English language is changing and has been for many years. The usually norm-providing inner-circle, USA and UK, is challenged by other countries and communities such as the social media industry and the gaming industry.

Lingua franca is a common language that is used as a means of communication between people. The term, lingua franca, is particularly used when communicating in a language that for both parts is a foreign language. English is a lingua franca which brings both pros and cons with it.

You can argue that a pro is that the language, as mentioned before, is becoming the worlds common language, which can be used to solve common problems, and it represents hope of a better future.

In China English classes is exceptionally important. It is in fact so important that 25 % of theirgrade is based on their GAO cow test, which is an English test that takes place over 3 days.

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