“Mind your language” | Essay

Language is not just for communicating; it is much more than that. Language is an important part of a nation’s culture, and forms the basis for thinking, arts and other ways of expressing oneself, losing your mother tongue can affect a person almost as much as losing any other physical part of your body.

Tom Law, Welsh writer and journalist, lost his language and discusses the loss of the Welsh language in the article: “Cachau Bant: Mind your language”. This essay will demonstrate two types of aggression in TL’s text and his ability to take a subjective view and make it seem like an objective argument.

The tone is aggressive, which can be seen in the very title. The title says: “Cachau Bant: Mind your language”. The first part is in Welsh and means “f**k off”, which is a really aggressive thing to say. The second part is in English and answers the first part by saying, “mind you language.”

The English part is correcting and commanding the Welsh part, like a parent, a teacher or a superior would do. By Playing with the two languages this way in the title, Tom Law is introducing the reader up front to his views on how English supremacy overruled the Welsh.

In the first paragraph he refers to Great Britain in the past by saying: “Thanks to the glory days of the British Empire” and “a gift to the planet” (line 5 and 8). He is clearly not trying to praise the countries colonistic achievements in the past, but rather writing it in a sarcastic tone to express the opposite.

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