Company Language Case

English is the global language when it comes to business.

You see more and more multinational companies that are speaking English and corporating in English. It is usually the big companies that decide to have English as the main language of the company. Because they usually are more spread across the world business wise and they have a lot of partners from other countries.

One Danish company that would benefit from changing its corporate language into English would have to be a company like Mærsk. Because the company is so multinational and they work with a lot of different countries, so, therefore, it would be a strength if the company would make English as their main language.

They could start off by using English when they are writing emails, at business meetings, and for communication over the phone. And the more the employees get comfortable in their English they can make it the official language the employees are communicating with each other. Because it is very hard to just start off by making the employees speak English.

They first have to get used to the language because that will make them more prepared for when the company makes the employers speak English to each other on a daily basis.

If an employee is unsure of their English, it is up to the manager to help them become more confident with speaking English. This can be done by helping them improve their skills by showing them some websites to use or figure out a way they could take some English classes.

Consequences for those employees that will not cooperate with this change will most likely be fired and they will be replaced with younger people who find this challenge easier.

When going to important meetings overseas it is very important to bring those employees who speak and write nearly fluently. If you represent your company to overseas “hopefully-to-be” business partners with an employee who does not believe in themselves when it comes to English or are bad at English, it will probably not end as imagined.

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