Global Cool – Assignment about Global warming | Eksamenssæt hhx januar 2007

Eksamenssættet er fra bogen Express Yourself

– “KT Tunstall and John Densmore Support Global Cool Campaign to Save Planet” fra
– “World Finally Agrees that Global Warming Threatens Everyone” af Charles CLover og Bruno waterfield fra The Daily Telegraph
– “The Key Points” fra The Daily Telegraph

Global warming has through time, gotten a lot of attention from various countries, however do some of the countries not participate in trying to fight the problem, which will be a big problem in the future. Something must be done, as soon as possible which is clear, because of the climate changes around the world, which will affect the harvest and the nature. The government or other authorities still need to take a responsibility in favor of doing something.

Global warming has been a huge problem for many years, and still is. The average person emits around 15 tons of CO2 a year and 27 billion tons of CO2 emitted globally every year, which is too much. According to a consensus among climate scientists, the world will in 2007 only be a decade away from a climate “tipping point” .

This point will be the point where the climate will become irreversibly unstable. The climate change is already under way, and it will affect everyone on earth. Earth will face water shortages, famines in the poorest countries, huge floods and 600 million more people could suffer from droughts in Africa.

In some countries, food production could fall by half and North America will experience more severe storms with human and economic losses. Global warming will hit everyone, and according to scientists and officials from more than 100 governments, something must be done now, or it could lead to 50 million people becoming environmental refugees.

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