Racism has always had a huge impact on our society, but also on the individual itself. As an individual, you must decorate according to your color and your childhood home even in the modern world.

One's existence becomes limited the more you fall out of the boxes of society and its structures.

There are some very central recurring themes in the short story Going Home. These themes include racism against blacks and the identity crisis that accompanies the view of Aboriginals.

Billy is facing a huge internal conflict because he sees himself as neither white nor black. The themes in the short story itself are especially about the structure of society at that time.

The themes especially describe the emotional crisis, such as Billy. Throughout the story, one sees a development in how Billy views life as an Aboriginal.

To begin with, he is embarrassed to be born is black, but the further into the story we get, the more Billy becomes aware of how his presence as black is something he should be proud of being black, and not embarrassed about it.