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A.1 – Write a summary of the Jacksons’ visit to the tenement
B.1 – Characterize the husband
C.3 – What do you think is implied by the word “tourist“, as used by the youngster about Mr Jackson? Do you feel it is a justified description of him?
D.1 – Discuss the significance of the word “home“ in the story?

Mr Jackson has always thought that home was to be found in Glasgow, Scotland, which he still believes before revisiting the town again. When Mr and Mrs Jackson arrive Mr Jackson gets to realize that a lot has changed and that he can’t really identify Glasgow as being his home anymore.

When leaving Glasgow, Mr Jackson has realized that Glasgow isn’t his home anymore. It's been replaced by South Africa: “I wish to God we were home“(line 155). He gets to discover that home is where you feel like you belong and where you feel a connection with the people living there such as the atmosphere of the town.

Mrs Jackson has from the beginning known that Glasgow wasn’t her home anymore, and have stated in a state of denial over her past: “… why should you be ashamed of it? You weren’t brought up in a fine house either. You worked in a factory…“(line 82).

When they finally reach their last destination, a fancy bar at some sort of luxurious hotel everything finally feels like home: “Now she was home. In a place much like Africa, the bar of a first-class hotel“ (line 184)

Mr Jackson journey of finding his real home pretty much sums up the entire message of this short story. Home is the place where you feel the happiest and safest.

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