‘It’s Perfectly OK to Not Always Be Perfect’ | Analysis

Finding your path in life can be a really difficult and hard thing to do for some people. For other people it is easy, and sometimes they know it at an early age.

Finding your path in life includes many things. You have to find something that makes sense, makes you happy and joyful. But, how and can people find a path in life?

In the blog-article, Sarah Persinger uses everyday language. However, Sarah Persinger also uses technical terms related to gymnastics.

For example: “gymnast salute” (p. 7, l. 26) and “tumbling pass” (p.7, l. 32). The words she uses are positive words like “confidence” (p. 7, l. 19). “peace” (p.10 l. 241), “grateful” (p.10, l. 244), and “love” (p. 11, l. 281).

Furthermore, Sarah Persinger also uses rhetorical devices in the article. She uses a simile to describe the way she landed when she did her flip:

“You landed one like a normal human” (p. 8, l. 44). The simile helps to illustrate the situation. Sarah Persinger also uses metaphors in the text:

“throwing in the towel” (p. 7, ll. 14-15), “nod of confidence” (p. 7, ll. 19), “I’m dancing my heart out” (p. 8, l. 45) and “I’ve found my mountain to climb” (p. 10, ll. 219-220).

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