The speech made by Barack Obama revolves around how we're better when united. Real change and real progress are achieved as a unit.

He draws great parallels between the struggle throughout his life and the struggle the US has been through. This allows people to relate to Obama since he is been in most of the voter's shoes.

This might not make him as conventional a president as the previous ones, but it makes him more likeable, and to have a president who has experienced the American dream, which is highly regarded as a part of America, makes it an even greater story.

The context in which the speech was given, was at the national constitution center in Philadelphia on the 18th of March 2008. It was given prior to the speech in August, in which he accepted the nomination for the presidency of the United States.

He eventually became the 44th president of the United States and made history becoming the first black president in the history of the country.

Obama's is the writer of the speech and is, therefore, the one delivering the message. The years prior to him running for the presidency, he was a Democratic senator in the state of Illinois.

He spoke before a large crowd, with a variety of ethnicity and religion, mostly minorities, and managed to unite these people with a common goal, to have equal opportunity and see beyond color, and instead judge a person by the content of their character.

The thousands of minorities coming together to witness the speech goes along great with the topic as well.

He appeals to the crowd by addressing issues to which they can relate, and at the same time issues he himself has had throughout his life but shows how hard work and a will to make progress will eventually pay off.

The issue of continuous racism and inequality is still an important topic to discuss.