In this assignment my focus will be on the rhetorical pentagram, the language in the speech, and other rhetorical devices.

I will come across the different forms of appeal and rhetorical devices and show how Obama uses them to his advantage. In the end, I will discuss the matter of the speech.

The speech is written and told Barack Hussein Obama II, who was the 44th president of the United States.

The speech revolves around the fact that we’re better united, and that real progress and change will be achieved as a unit.

Obama is the writer of the speech, and he is therefore the one delivering the message to the people.

Obama spoke for a large crowd with a diversity of religion and ethnicity, the crowd mostly consisted of minorities, and he managed to unite all these people with a simple and common goal;

To see beyond skin-color and have equal opportunities. Obama appeals to the large and varied crowd, by addressing issues to which the crowd can relate

in addition he also talks about the issues he has had throughout his life, and manifests that will and hard work, will pay off in the end. Today is racism and inequality still an important topic for everyone to discuss.

Obama has been in most of his voters’ shoes, and he has managed to turn that into a strength. As a result of his background as a normal citizen, he has a way of speaking both formally and informal.

While speaking formally he shows how well educated he is, but because of his background and sometimes informally talking, he is relatable to the listeners.