In this assignment my focus will be on the rhetorical pentagram, the language in the speech, and other rhetorical devices.

I will come across the different forms of appeal and rhetorical devices and show how Obama uses them to his advantage. In the end, I will discuss the matter of the speech.

The speech is written and told Barack Hussein Obama II, who was the 44th president of the United States. The speech revolves around the fact that we’re better united, and that real progress and change will be achieved as a unit.

In the speech draws Obama significant parallels between the struggles he has been through in his life and the struggles that the United States has been trough.

This makes an exceptional effect on the listeners; it allows them to relate to Obama since he previously has been in the most of his voters’ shoes.

The last rhetorical device he makes use of is an important specific metaphor. He mentions that the original document, which was produced, was damaged by the nations that original the sin of slavery.

Therefore, they decided that the best solution was to allow the slavery to continue, to retain the support.

But however, Obama probably brings this statement up, because he is tired of seeing this topic and issue being procrastinated.

The issue concerning slavery might have been worked out, but the racial discrimination is still a very active topic and is clearly seen thriving to this day, an example is the many African Americans who is killed by cops.

Obama is a man that people trust, he is seen as reliable and credible, he uses ethos in the sense of him having experienced some of the same struggles, as the individuals in every state of The United States and in the fact that he has overcome these struggles. In addition, he makes use of pathos in the sense of patriotism.