Most people grow up, knowing that education is very important, but why is the success rate of graduates becoming lower and lower? Is it perhaps because people underestimate the importance of a good education, or do they just not realize how an education can shape one’s future?

This is addressed in the remarks by the First Lady at an Education Event with DC High School Sophomores. The speech was presented at Bell Multicultural High School and addresses the importance of doing well in school so that you can get a good education, that will set you in a good position in the future.

Michelle Obama talks about her own personal experience and how she got through high school and college. Obama came from a family where her parents didn’t have a college degree.

She went to a high school in Chicago, where she graduated, and then moved to Princeton University, where she got her college degree. She then became a lawyer and made a career for herself. She became the vice-president of a hospital and became head of a non-profit organization. She later became the first lady of the United States.

This is appealing to the audience’s emotions, as she is talking about something, that they might relate to. The audience can get emotional listening to her story, as she is telling them about, how she came from a society where no one, other than her family and herself believed in her capabilities to make it in the world.

The audience are students of Bell Multicultural High School and are therefore people, that might be in the same position, that she was in, therefore it makes it easy for them to relate to what she is saying.

There’s also an example of ethos in this speech where she says “Now, Barack set this goal because as a -- a generation ago, we were number one in college graduates.