In this assignment my focus will be on the rhetorical pentagram, the language in the speech, and other rhetorical devices.

I will come across the different forms of appeal and rhetorical devices and show how Obama uses them to his advantage. In the end, I will discuss the matter of the speech.

The speech is written and told Barack Hussein Obama II, who was the 44th president of the United States. The speech revolves around the fact that we’re better united, and that real progress and change will be achieved as a unit.

While speaking formally he shows how well educated he is, but because of his background and sometimes informally talking, he is relatable to the listeners.

Obama manages to speak in a way which he uses rhetorical devices, one of the devices he makes use of is allusion, in his first sentence of the speech

he quotes relatable and understandable, and this showcases his regular and normal upbringing. Obama uses a diversity of the founding fathers and the law of slavery in the speech.

This is also an allusion due to it being a quote from a source with great credibility, but simultaneously it is in a way an illusion. Due to this is that the constitution being based on justice and equality, this fact is in the most cases true, but regarding the African Americans

who believed that they finally would receive justice and equality, but this was an illusion since slavery still was allowed. Aside of using allusion as rhetorical devices, Obama uses anaphora, listing and metaphors.