Title of song:
- Dolly
- Whitney
Lyrical form:
Rhetorical devices:
Use of rhyme:

LYRICS model of analysis
Title of song:
- Background information:
- Lyrical form:
- Structure:
- Rhetorical devices:
- Allusion:
- Metaphors:
- Imagery:
- Use of rhyme:
- Anaphora:
- Repetition:
- Theme:

Background information:
Dolly Parton wrote and did the original version of the song “I will always love you” back in 1974

which went to #1 on the Country chart that year. In 2012 the famous female singer Whitney Huston redid the song to the movie “the bodyguard”

Pop - country pop

“I will always love you”
Dolly did not write the song about a romantic breakup — it was written about a professional one.


Background information:
The single was released in September 12, 2008 and the world knew something special was happening in Country music.

“Love Story” was written by Taylor Swift when she was 17 years old, when her parents disapproved of a relationship she was having back then. The genre is pop, or so-called countrypop

Lyrical form:
Taylor Swift imposes a first-person narrative style to convey the message in the song. The lyrics are quite simple and straightforward.