The Sin Bin or Lucy’s Heart | Analytical essay

It is a well-known fact that adolescence is a difficult time. One of the reasons this theme has become so common in the world of fiction writing is because of this.

This difficult period is depicted in many short stories, novels, and other fictional and non-fictional works.

Lucy Cross's "The Sin Bin or Lucy's Heart" is one of these texts. Because of how much this story reveals about daily life, it is highly divisive.

In this text, I'd like to discuss and interpret the story, with a particular emphasis on the challenge that everyone faces as they grow up.

It's just that it's not for the correct purposes. She keeps talking about how tough and calm she is, how everyone is afraid of her, and how mature she is.

“Sometimes when I think about Bethan, I get this burning pressing in my head and my Tommy,” Lucy says despite this. Often I'm relieved when my mother says I can't see her” (p. 33 l. 13-15).

As a result, there isn't much of a relationship between these two ladies. In the relationship, Bethan is the dominant one.

Lucy also seems to be a little scared of Bethan. Lucy expresses her feelings about hitting Penny in the face on page 35, lines 22-27. She didn't want to hit her, but she does it anyway, despite the fact that she regrets it.

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