I would like to make a short presentation of the story “Champagne flight” written by Jill Norris in 1982. The story takes place during an air flight, where you meet the main characters:

Serena Sinclair and the narrator. The narrator’s name is unknown, but you get to know that she is sixteen years old and trying to be older.

The story starts with hearing the narrator’s thoughts and hearing about her life and her flight from Minneapolis to Chicago where she meets this woman named Serena Sinclair. They talk about their lives, the reason for the flight and what their backstories.

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She looked up to Serena and was impressed about how her life was. You can see here that the narrator gets a personal development at that moment.

It gives the narrator a new way of seeing things. She looked up to Serena and her life and no longer wants to pretend that she is older than she is. You can see that on page 18 line 20-21 “I guess in a way I was glad to get back to being sixteen”

It is mentioned a lot in the story that the narrator wants to be older than she is. For example, “My hair was brushed back from my face, because a friend had told me it made me look older” Line 4-5 page 15.