Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome. My name is Maria, I am currently living in the heart of London, and have now lived here for about 4 years.

As a student at the University of London, I would personally like to thank you all for letting me deliver this speech on racism and police violence in the US during the summer of 2020 to you.

The topic I want to speak to you about today is very important and relevant topic, especially due to the time we are living in and the horrific events that have occurred in the context of the subject.

The city of London has always been known for its diversity and multiculturalism, and the population of London consists of various diverse cultures and ethnics groups.

It's hard to ignore that some of these diverse groups of people live threatened by racism and insecurity in their everyday lives.

The majority of the American population see the subject of racism as a big and serious problem, and studies show that about 91% of the population agree with this .

Another thing that is hard to ignore is the way it is being handled, both by the people but also by the country's President Donald Trump.