”Remarks by the President on Reducing Gun Violence” | Essay


America has the highest death rate caused by guns and yet they haven’t made any laws. This strengthens the possibility of getting an arm and committing a mass shooting. Even though 90 percent of the Americans thinks it should be harder to sell guns to someone who is likely to commit a crime or is convicted of domestic abuse.

After the mass shooting in Newton and after Sandy Hook Elementary School, they have now made a more strengthened gun law ready for vote. This is the themes Barack Obama talks about in his speech at University of Hartford in Hartford, Connecticut on April 08, 2013, published by Office of the Press Secretary.

Barack Obama is the speaker of the speech. He was the American President from 2009 to 2017, and is part of The Democratic Party, which is one of the two main parties in the US. Barack Obama is the first African-American president in the United States of America.

He is speaking at University of Hartford, where there last year (2012) had been a school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Obama talks directly to the audience who primarily exists of victims of the crime, citizens of Connecticut and families from Newton (ll. 10-13).

The speech was transmitted by several television stations, so all American citizens could see and hear the speech. This is important for Obama because he is not only talking to the families who had a loss during the shooting, but to the entire nation, when he wants everyone to support the new strengthened gun law (ll.84-85). In his speech he also addresses Republicans, Democrats and law-abiding citizens (l. 111, l. 113, l. 118).

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