Youth Violence | 10 i karakter

Hello everyone.

My name is Brenda and I am twenty-six years old. I am here today because I wants to talk about the youth violence here in the UK.

I find this discussion very important for me to talk about, because I have experienced the youth violence by myself.

But where do the violence come from and why do young people become criminals? There are many reasons which can lead to the arise of violence. Especially people who in a sort of way, do not thrive in their surroundings.

Maybe they do not thrive in the school or among their associates. Or even at home. It has been proved, that the childhood and the family relation plays a big affection on the edification of violence.

As mentioned, there are more and more young people who become criminals here in England. It also can be due to the person’s individual living conditions.

People who has grown up in a more postponed environment, compared to people who has grown up in a home with safely limits, is more likely to get involved in violence.

Because of the lacking opportunities.

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