A history of violence | Analytical essay

Tom Stall has built the perfect facade. He is a middle age man, with a loving wife and two beautiful children as well. Then all of a sudden everything goes downhill.

Everything Tom or should we call him Joey Cusack tried to hide behind his perfect facade comes up to the surface. Is he the perfect loving dad, who will do everything for his family, that he has fought so hard to be or is he just the cold-hearted killer from his past?

Tom has a split personality, because he is both the loving family dad Tom Stall and the cold-hearted killer Joey Cusack. Tom wants to get rid of Joey Cusack. He has been in some kind of dessert for 3 years, just so he could delete every vestige of his dark past.

It is not like he can turn the personalities on and off. It is more like he mainly is Tom Stall, but Joey Cusack just shows up whenever there is a violent situation. For example, everything is going so well for him. He has a perfect family, he owns a cosy little diner and lives in an idyllic little town, with no trouble.

But when Carl Fogarty from his past show up, Joey Cusack returns. Every violent situation he is in Joey Cusack appears. But towards the end of the movie Tom goes to his old town Philadelphia to find his brother. When he finds his brother and talk to him, it does not go so well.

His brother even tries to kill him, but it ends up with it being Tom that kills his brother. When he kills his brother, it is like he gets rid of his past and because of that also gets rid of Joey. When he stands by the edge of the sea and throws the gun in the water. It is like the gun symbolises Joey Cusack and he throws it away, to finally forget his past once and for all and move on.

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