Trump Immigration during world pandemic Covid-19 | Essay

There is no doubt that the Corona Covid-19 pandemic has affected not only the United States but also the whole world. Every country in the world has been affected on some point.

First of all, people that gets infected by an unknown virus, that in some cases ends with death, and the problem worldwide is that there is not any solution or medical products that can prevent the virus from harming you.

Businesses and big companies that are forced to close-down to stop the spreading. This has a very negative effect on the economy of the United States.

The Administration states, that if the school are closed then is online education the alternative. This means that students must transfer to another school or leave the U.S. - So simple is that.

The numbers on immigration to the United States already fell when Trump announced that his strategy will be to stop the immigration until the situation in the country was stable again, and that would be evaluated by Trump himself.

Before the Corona situation in the United States, the majority of Americans were against Trumps idea of more strict rules related to the immigration in the U.S.

Because of the situation in the country, the Americans are interested in preventing furthermore spreading of the harmful virus.

That is also why Trump is getting more support on the immigration-block than usual. The Americans have not necessary changed their view on immigrants, but they are scared of getting infected.

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