Covid-19 og Donald Trump

1. Briefly account for the events of the protests as described in the article
2. Describe the president’s reactions to the protests.
3. Make a list of some of the arguments for and against continuing a lockdown – be sure to listen closely the interview with the governor of New York State.
4. Compare Donald Trump’s communication strategies during the Corvid-19 crisis to the communication strategies you have seen in Denmark during the last couple of months.
5. Discuss to what extend there is a link between the protests and American values such as independence, equality, competition, time and efficiency, consumerism, individualism, hard work, self-government, liberty.

- In article 1 there are some right-wing protesters fighting the restrictions regarding corona. They are protesting in the streets and don’t necessarily wear masks or gloves. Besides that, they aren’t following the guidelines regardless of social distancing. Some of the healthcare workers stood their ground so the protesters couldn’t take the streets to protest.

- These recent protests against shutting down many of the cities in the United States, in order to stop the coronavirus from spreading cause many problems.
Especially in the more liberal states such as Minnesota, Michigan, and Virginia, many people are reacting negatively on how the governors in these states handle the Covid- 19 situation, by shutting parts of the city down and forcing people to stay home in order to stop the virus from spreading. However, some of the citizens see this lockdown as a violation of their free rights as the United States is known for. This lockdown obviously causes many businesses to shut down which means that many citizens end up unemployed.

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