Wesports Tesla police car | Analyse

1. Analyze the Westport’s Police Departments buying behavior, when buying the Tesla police car.

2. Watch the video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dvojs8yxirc) and discuss the following statements below.
A – “Ben Truong’s buying behavior is primarily characterized by social needs.”
B – “When Ben Truong is buying a Tesla Model 3, it is equivalent to complex buying behavior.”
C – “Regarding other factors, economic situation, roles and status and self-perception seems to be factors with an impact on his buying behavior.”

I will analyze the Westport’s Police Departments buying behavior, when buying the Tesla police car. When Westport’s police department is buying a Tesla police car

we are looking at the B2B market and under B2B it would be the submarket called the government market. When we look at their buying behavior, they are making use of a new task.

This is because that they have never brought a Tesla police car and therefore it would be a new task and not any of the other, because they have to go through the whole buying decision making process.

Also, they are rather unexperienced in this field, hence it says in the text that last time they brought a car was app. 8-10 years ago, so the hybrid cars they have are rather old.

Moving on we are going to look at how the Westport police department is looking at the buying decision making process.

First of all, they are going to go through all of the 8 steps as it is a new task and therefore, they have to think about all the things. Firstly, we start with product recognition.

They are seeing that the old hybrid cars they have now are app. 8-10 years old as mentioned before and therefore they recognize that they are in need of new cars soon.

Afterwards you find out the product description in order to specify what it is you are looking for. Here they know they need a good and long-lasting car for it to be able to drive the police force around without any problems.

Moving on to step 3 we now have to specify what kind of cars they are looking for exactly. Here they are switching their old hybrid cars out with now fully electrical cars.

This requires research as you need to know if it is the right thing for the police department to purchase these cars. Now that they are well-known of the product they are searching; they need to find the suppliers that match their needs for a new car.

When you making use of the new task, you need to look at different options as you do not have any prior experience for your buy and therefore you need to look at many different before you find the one that both matches your needs and is within your budget.

When they have looked at the different suppliers, they can now do a proposal solicitation. This means that they can now get proposal from qualified suppliers, so they have different suppliers to choose from.

After this they will now make a supplier selection. They have researched everything they need and found out what they want to purchase.

They have also looked at different suppliers in order to find the best match for them. Hence, they are now ready to select the supplier they need, which in this case was Tesla.

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