Teenagers Behavior | English Essay

I think the reason why young people are more usually to make crimes today has something to do with the development of the internet and video games. Young people start playing violet games at a very young age and that affects their perspective on the real world. Instead of going outside and play they are sitting in their room and playing or maybe seeing violent videos on YouTube.

There are many teenagers who have done crimes that have admitted that they thought they were living in a video game and they thought violent behavior was okay. And people with mental illness should not have permission to these kinds of games because they can get seriously effected by violent games or videos. I think parents need to show their kids the real world and not show them violent things before they are old enough.

Drugs are also a big problem in recent years and I think that some young people are doing drugs to come away from their daily life or the bad things that had happened to them in their childhood. Or maybe their parents have been alcoholic or maybe they have mental problems with themself and when they need to get away from these problems, they do drugs.

I think the parent of teenagers should have more focus on their kids. Cause teenagers should not do these kinds of things and I think parents could stop this if they did not give their kids so many clearances. Set up some rules for your kids. Of course, the teenagers need a bit of clearance some time but not as much as they have been getting here the last decade.

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