Why do UK teenagers struggle to cope?
Do Danish teenagers struggle to cope? Why?/why not?
What are the differences between being a teenager in the UK and in Denmark, as far as you know?

There has never been a better time to be a teenager in the UK. The qualifications for youngsters to go to university have never been better.

Unemployment has fallen dramatically over the last 25 years. And the article even states that “Today’s parents are richer than ever before and young people have access to an extraordinary range of activities an opportunities undreamt of even a decade ago".

So, why are the UK adolescents among the most badly behaved, even though most of them have gut more than enough tools to secure a good future for themselves?

Maybe it is because of the rising physiological problem, which is the mental well-being of UK adolescents. The article states “One in 10 teenage girls has self-harmed.

Child obesity is increasing.” This could be a cause of the changing family structure in which teenagers grow up in. The article states that there is a big increase in divorces and single parents.