Mothers and teenagers: a modern tragedy

This article educates us on the relationship between mothers and teenagers, through the experience the author has hat with her children. Rachel cusk who is the author of this article has to teenage daughters. Har oldest daughter is 16, and she complains about insomnia, even though she often catches her on her laptop late at night.

In the article Cusk gives us different examples of other parent and child relationships. Though the writer relates more to the perspective of the teenagers, for their need to be independent, and for them to make sense of the world. Cusk talks about a play that she is working on, it’s about Medea, a mother who kills her to children, because her husband left her for someone else. C

usk describes how her youngest daughters’ friends behave. And overall, she describes the way her two daughters change and the even though they are growing up, they will in many ways still be a child

I think it would be worth talking about the relationship between parents and children, especially when the children are becoming teenagers. It can be very har for parents to understand their children when the are in this weird state, were they think they are grown up but still kind of need their parents, I mean don’t get me wrong, when I was in this age, I felt the exact same way as Rachel Cusk’s daughter did.

I felt like I was all grown up now and that my parents didn’t understand me at all, when in reality they maybe did, because they ones where in the exact same position when they were young, and I’m sure at they at that time felt that their parents didn’t understand them.

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