Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior | English Assignment

There are many cultures and every culture have their own unique way of doing things. One of these things, is the way of raising a child.

The article “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior” is written by Amy Chua, published in the “Wall Street Journal” on the 8th of January 2011. Amy Chua is, as she describes it, a “Chinese Mother”. The article is about how “Chinese Mothers” raise and form their children’s lives.

She explains what is means to be a Chinese mother, and how and why they raise their children this way. Amy Chua compare the “Western” way of raising one’s children to the “Chinese” way. She explains that the Chinese way of raising a child is much better and more efficient. Amy Chua arguments that by raising your children in a Chinese manner the children are more likely to be more successful and prepared for adulthood.

The article is about children’s upbringing, and the best way of raising children. Amy Chua, the sender, is a professor at Yale university. She argues that her way, the “Chinese” way, of raising one’s children is the best. She explains that this way, even though it is harsh, makes for more successful children. She writes this article in The Wall Street Journal.

The Wall Street Journal is a business focused newspaper in New York, This means that the target group is business men and women, successful people. Amy Chua uses persuasion appeals to convince the readers of this article that the “Chinese” upbringing is better that the “Western”.

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