Why French Mothers Are Superior | Essay

Every culture has their own ways of living. This also applies to the way a child is brought up. Some cultures give their children a lot of free room and freedom, while others rule their children with a heavy hand.

But is one culture better than another when it comes to bringing up children? The essay "Why French Mothers Are Superior" deals with the differences between two cultures way of bringing up a child.

The essay is written in connection with the publishing of Pamela Druckerman's new book "Bringing up Bebe". She gives her view and shows the reader examples based on her own experiences on why she thinks that the French way of bringing up kids is so much better.

As mentioned higher up, Druckerman wants to inform parents about how to bring up their children and even tries to persuade them into using the French way.

She succeeds at informing the reader in what the French are doing differently than the American and she even ends up doing it herself with success. Though, she does not totally succeed in persuading the reader.

This is because it can be seen as controversial and for some parents even provocative. By telling them the “French way is better, and you should use it instead” some American parents can feel that someone is trying to control the way they are bringing up their children.

The message of this essay is to inform the reader about the different ways of bringing up a child. It tells us about the "dos" and "don'ts" while comparing the American way with the French way.

It also lays weight on how the American and French differentiate from each other as the American puts the children over anything else while the French lay weight on authority.

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