Original titel: Why Walmart is merely a showroom that ecommerce outlets like Amazon thrive from

The Retail Apocalypse
Why are retail stores closing down?
The Experience Generation

Luckily everything in life isn’t about convenience and saving money, at least not for a growing number of people who goes to retail stores to get entertained.

The term is called “Shoppertainment” and retail stores all over America are beginning to make their store shoppertainment friendly.

The term “shoppertainment” is mixing the words shopping and entertainment and it’s the art of making shopping entertaining, as the name might already suggest.

Right now, all the retail stores who will continue to thrive far into the future are in the process of being reimagined and reborn, and it has already been done a lot of places around the country.

What makes these shoppertainment stores so appealing is because of the fact that more and more people are not looking for material things, people now want to get new experiences and that is what this new generation of retail stores can offer, that e-commerce simply cannot.

These new retail stores are offering interactive and engaging leisure activities, making the store not just a place to shop, but a place to go to get new experiences.