The speech is about Admiral William H. McRaven telling students and just everyone actually, how hard work, dedication, and never quitting will lead to success. That life will give you challenges and there will be downs where you feel helpless and hopeless. But no matter what you gotta focus and keep going.

I’ve chosen to write about the lessons about making your bed every morning, the one about never measure a person by the size of their body physically but by the size of their heart and the one about never ring the bell.

The reason I chose the one about making your bed every morning, is because I actually heard and saw this speech a few years back, back when I dropped out of school because I didn’t see any reason for me waking up early every morning for something I didn’t like and have any interest in at all, I had no motivation in life.

I was depressed and didn’t know what to do, it’s funny that my assignment is about this speech actually, this speech is one of the reasons I am where I am today, not because I’ve turned successful, yet... But it for sure made me come a long way, I wouldn’t be studying at this school right now if it wasn’t for me listening to this man.

I gave up and I always felt sorry for myself, like it was never my fault and I was just meant to be a loser. I felt like my fate already was chosen, but him saying what he said made me realize that it just takes a little bit of dedication and motivation to do something good for yourself.

He mentioned that as soon as you made your bed, you would instantly feel that you already finished the first task of the day, which will motivate you to do more, the good feeling inside your body as soon as you did it. And he didn’t lie, I tried it and it made me move school and start from scratch, a new book, a new page, a new me.