Speech by Admiral William H. McRaven | English Opgave

The speech is about Admiral William H. McRaven telling students and just everyone actually, how hard work, dedication, and never quitting will lead to success.

That life will give you challenges and there will be downs where you feel helpless and hopeless. But no matter what you gotta focus and keep going.

Which brings me to the next lesson that I felt like I could apply to my own life, about never measure a person by the size of their body, but by their heart.

For me we’re not just talking about the size of your arms, your chest, or your height, we’re also talking about ethnicity, social classes, and even rumors.

I’ve experienced things like this myself, because of my a bit more southern look, even my birthname, that I actually ended up changing for me to have better chances of getting a job.

My whole life I’ve always been living in something people would call a ghetto, and it is a ghetto, you have to be blind or deaf if you would disagree with that.

I remember some of the first parties I went to were like, I was one of the only dudes that came where I came from in that friend group, I literally saw their face and body language change completely when strangers asked me where I lived and I told them.

They saw me as a criminal like I would steal either their bike or the alcohol they brought to the party.

I couldn’t handle the thought of them thinking bad about my family, so I always ended up leaving early. Then I started seeing this girl, and I remember I was so afraid of her having to come over to my place, I was always making excuses when we had to be here and not at hers.

I was shaking at the thought of her finding out where I lived, and how she would react. Basically, you could call me an impostor in that social class, I had almost no things in common with them, besides we liked the same music.

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