The Solitary Reaper | Analyse | William Wordsworth

“The Solitary Reaper” a poem written by William Wordsworth, published in 1807. The poem was originally written on November 5, 1805. It is a widely read poem, published in the collection poems, in two volumes.

This poem is unique for is it not based on the poet´s experience but of his friend and author, Thomas Wilkinson’s. The poem is about a Scottish girl that works alone in the field and her hidden sorrow.

Theme: Beauty and sorrow are the major themes in this poem. We get presented two things while reading the poem, the labor of the girl and her expression of sorrow.

She´s complete in her own world, singing while doing her work, not letting any of her surroundings get to her.

Imagery: In stanza one 3rd line, he writes “Reaping and singing by herself”, he makes the reader visualize what he has seen and how he felt, he wants the reader to feel like you´re standing there listening with him.

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